We love simple and multi-purpose natural stuff that you can make yourself!

In Ayurveda, it is believed that everything you put on your skin, should be edible…

This is an amazing & simple recipe for an edible body butter – I also love using it for my hair, as a make-up remover and – you could even cook with it )!

What you need (cut in half if you want less, it’s a lot)
2 cups cacao butter
2 cups coconut oil
Boil in a bowl on top of hot water (see video below), once it is liquid, refrigerate for 30 min
Blend with a mixer until white and add
essential oils if you like (Neroli -Orange Blossom – works very well, but you can also leave it as is, it smells delicious)

PS: In cold climates, the butter will be harder…