Mysticism in Dance

My fascination for dance started very early in life. I would admire the ballet dancers, the postures and grace and I would dance everywhere I could – on the street, in the grocery stores and at school. As a girl, I didn’t feel embarrassed about dancing in front of other people or for my dance technique, I was just myself and completely lost in the dance itself. I still remember loving the feeling that dancing gave me: it made me feel proud, strong,and elegant but also allowed me to escape into another world… There was nothing quite like dancing that would accompany me everywhere, I didn’t need special shoes, a special dress or equipment, I would always have the dance with me, wherever I took my body.

As a teenager I became more self-conscious about my body and the impression I made on other people and this was a deeply disturbing experience, robbing me of my childhood freedom where I had not been concerned about all this. My first belly dance teacher helped me find my self-esteem again and I finally stated reconnecting with my body that I had regarded as imperfect. I am forever grateful to her for that. When I met her, she was around 65 and I loved her fierceness, humor, and wisdom. Thanks to her, I brealized that I was a dancer with all my heart and soul and even though it still took me years to finally be able to perform, this was where it all started.

Today, being a dance teacher myself, I have a deep desire to help my students experience this same liberating feeling from these limiting thoughts about themselves. We do this by teaching them that dance is much more than just a sequence of steps, it goes much deeper and its impact can be very powerful. Tribes near and far have used dance to influence nature, to celebrate their most important festivities and to worship deities. There is a power that goes beyond what can be perceived by our five senses. What power you may ask. Watch a dancer that dances with her entire heart and soul and you will know is my answer. “Dance is a way to find yourself and lose yourself… all at the same time.” If we understand this apparent paradox, we get closer to the magic of this ancient art form. If you connect yourself with that light within, you can let go of that artificial pressure from without and touch others with and through your dancing, and create a magic beyond words and technique.


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