Why can we not make art in periods of crisis?

Dance has taught me to see my beauty, beyond ideas of perfection. It has taught me to stand up straight and face the rough waters of life with dignity and strength. In times of deep crises, however, I often lose my connection to dance, even though it would be so healing. Maybe because it is too fragile an art form to confront such tumultuous storms…
Dance reminds me of a fairy that visits me from time to time to bring inspiration and beauty to my life and sprinkle some stardust on everything mundane – just to turn around and leave me yet again until I am ready to be brave enough to express myself… I am infintely grateful to all my teachers who have helped me ingrain this most beautiful of art forms and creative expression in my heart and soul forever.

This was one of my Facebook posts and my beautiful and wise friend Aurora Danai commented it: “I always think creativity is a masculine energy and healing is a feminine passive energy. Whenever I am in the healing space I don’t usually feel like making art because I am busy receiving. So I know what you mean. I am glad you can see your beauty, everyone else already knows : ) inside and out!”

Please share with us your experience. Sharing is healing.

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